WAPF Chapter, South Shore

WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION for Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts

Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt nutrition education foundation dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the diet through education, research and activism, and supports accurate nutrition instruction, organic and biodynamic farming, pasture feeding of livestock, community-supported farms, honest and informative labeling and prepared parenting. Read their mission statement, consider becoming a member, and join your local chapter.

Regardless of whether you join, if you’re interested in staying informed of local WAPF events such as potlucks, field trips to farmers’ markets, or movie nights, send an email request to me at [email protected] and I will add you the Chapter distribution list.

I offer a variety of classes from time to time. If you are interested in being informed as they are scheduled, I suggest subscribing to my email list here.

As the WAPF Chapter Leader for the South Shore and Southeastern MA. area, my primary responsibility is to provide WAPF Chapter members and other interested parties with “information on sources of organic foods, milk products from pasture-fed livestock, pasture-fed eggs and livestock, and properly produced whole foods in the local area”.

Whenever I receive an email or call from someone in search of locally grown properly produced whole foods, I always recommend they start at their local farmers’ market. Most local markets in our area run from June through October and provide incredible in-season produce as well as pasture-fed meats and other value-add products like honey and cheeses. Thankfully, there are a few markets that run through the winter as well. The links to all of these wonderful markets are included below. Please be sure to visit them and support your local farmers and food artisans!


Edible South Shore & South Coast keeps the best up-to-date list of farmers’ markets in the area. Click here for the current list.


Off season and you’re looking for something fresh or maybe you’re in search of a food adventure. Look no further than these winter farmers’ markets:

Plymouth Farmers’ Market

Pawtucket Wintertime Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Market at Attleboro Farms

Marshfield Winter Market

Original Easton Farmers’ Market

Easton Wintertime Farmers’ Market


For a complete list of local foods, local delivery options, and online sources, click here.


Often times I am asked to recommend a practitioner. As you know, alternative and holistic practitioners are in high demand and short supply. Some of these practitioners are not necessarily alternative, but are typically supportive of a more holistic approach to care. If you have a practitioner you’d like to add to the list, please email me at [email protected] Here’s the current list:

Jeanne Hubbuch, Holistic M.D., Watertown, MA 617.744.0401 [email protected]

Diane Scott, CCH, RSHom – Homeopathy & Biofeedback 133 Washington St, Norwell, MA 781.871.5335

Integrative Medicine Center, Plymouth, MA

Susie Alemian-DeLuca, M.Ac., Norwell, MA

Good Life Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies, W. Bridgewater, MA

Dr. Yuko Torigoe, DMD, AIAOMT, Biocompatible Dentist, Boston, MA

Dr. Teresa Salem, DMD, Holbrook, MA

Holistic Dentist Practice, Groton, MA

Dr. McGonigle, MD, Homeopathic Medicine, E. Providence, RI

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