“I’m so lucky that I found Cathy; my digestive system was in shambles but after working with Cathy I am now off my medication, my blood sugar is under control and I’m feeling more energetic every day. Cathy is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and not only did she help me change my body for the better but she also changed my mind and approach to food to help me succeed at reaching my goals. Do this for yourself!” – K. Haley, NYC


“Before I started working with Cathy, I was fueling my energy with caffeine, skipping meals and not eating the right foods. To top it off, I wasn’t sleeping well and I’d put on a lot of extra weight. As a result of working with Cathy and following the program she created for me, I finally had more energy, lost 10 pounds and slept better than I had in months! I was motivated to finally feel better and look better.” – Donna Ceriani, author, leadership coach, and owner of Success Compass Strategies


“Shoutout time! Since making the switch to Cathy last Spring, I’ve seen and felt some pretty major changes in my health, energy levels, even my mood, as my hormones are more balanced, stress levels more manageable, and I’ve just learned a ton that I wouldn’t have at a “traditional” nutritionist or practitioner’s office. I’ve had comprehensive testing done that goes beyond just the old ‘blood tests’ that have left me with unanswered questions and health issues for years, and have access to additive-free supplements that get delivered direct to my door. My hair has finally started to really grow, I swear over an inch in just a little over a month! Someone who was basically losing their hair last year. I cannot thank you enough Cathy!” – Jillena Furr, Brockton


“This is not your run-of-the-mill “calories in/calories out” BS. It’s real food, real science, addressing issues from a root cause, and not masking with a band-aid protocol.” – H. Cruise


“I wanted to share that I just went on a 7 day vacation and did not have an upset stomach once!! Quite a victory, that has never happened to me before.” – Kristen M., South Boston